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White Papers - PowerLine Technology
4th February 2023

White Papers for the Powerline Community


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Communications Without New Wires (pdf) September 2002
IntraCoastal presents ICPL-3840 Whitepaper.

Inari presents Powerline Coexistance. If powerline communication (PLC) technology is to deliver on its promise and become commercially viable for the broad consumer market, it must quickly overcome the current standards conflict.

  • How Electrical Wiring in Your Walls Can Connect Guests and Help Your Hotel Turn a Profit
    (PDF file - 287 KB)
  • Powerline Communications Technology - Residential versus Commercial (PDF file - 157 KB)
  • Telkonet White Paper - Powerline Communications Technology: Empowering Government
    (PDF file - 135 KB)

    Homeplug White Papers:
  • Homeplug Background Paper
  • HomePlug Standard Brings Networking to the Home
  • Field Test White Paper
  • HomePlug and Service Providers White Paper
  • HomePlug Technology White Paper (September 2004)

  • The Powerline as the the High-Speed
    Backbone of a Home Network--Connections 2001 (pdf)

    Adaptive Networks discusses their patented technology for powerline signal processing combined with an embedded controller, producing a multimedia-capable home powerline network backbone.

    Home Networking Over Powerlines (pdf)
    This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of Cogency's technology and the home networking industry. It looks at the residential network options available and provides a description of data communications over powerlines, OFDM, network security and home networking possibilities.

    Data Communications Over Powerlines (pdf)
    Home network users seek three major factors in any solution: ease-of-use, low cost, and ubiquitous node availability. The HomePlug 1.0 Specification makes powerline networking for home networks the compelling choice. It overcomes the historical technical challenges of powerline networking delivering reliable, easy to use and low-cost networking across an entire home. This white paper discusses the challenges of powerline networking, and Cogency's HomePlug solution for overcoming these hurdles.

    UTC Power Line Telecommunications Forum
    Revised Report on Powerline Telecommunications [$]

    The United Telecom Council Power Line Telecommunications Forum's Revised Report on Powerline Telecommunications documents the latest developments by providers of power line telecommunications (PLT) and identifies the primary regulatory and technological issues that face the deployment of this technology in North America. [$]

    Coactive Networks
    A combination of technology advances, regulatory changes, and new service models have brought new cross-industry opportunities to a variety of companies who are striving to gain a competitive edge in providing bundled services to the home. These companies see the establishment of a reliable, flexible, low-cost home telemetry communications channel as a way to provide or enable new services which include: automatic meter reading (AMR), demand side management (DSM) and demand limiting, home security, appliance monitoring and maintenance, and home automation. Coactive Networks

    UART to Powerline Bridging for Bluetooth (pdf)
    Distribution of video, audio, and PC data has employed different interconnection technologies in networking. Depending on the bandwidth, quality of the content, cost, performance, regulations, and geographical locations different technologies can be used. Ethernet, IEEE 1394, Bluetooth, USB, HomePNA, HomePlug, HomeRF, HiperLAN2, and Wireless LAN are among the enabling technologies to network homes and/or small offices. Each one of these technologies has its own pros and cons and is suitable for specific application(s).

    Corinex Networking Alternative (pdf)
    Corinex PowerNet presentation about power line networking as an alternative to traditional LAN technologies and multimedia applications over power lines

    Home Networking Using "No New Wires"
    Phoneline and Powerline Interconnection Technologies (pdf)

    In the context of a home networking environment, "no new wires" is the term applied to a suite of technologies that use existing wiring systems to distribute high-speed data and video throughout your house. Phoneline and powerline systems are the two dominant "no new wires" technologies.

    Intellon High Speed Powerline Communications
    Through a careful combination of channel model development and real world testing, Intellon has adapted and enhanced OFDM for power line communication. This unique system is the only means of delivering up to 11 M bits/second over ordinary residential power lines today that meets demanding requirements for voice and data connectivity. Intellon has a full engineering team dedicated to bringing this system to fruition through a chipset and reference design to be completed during 1999. Meanwhile, our R&D team continues to explore the limits of power line communications, envisioning 20 and 30 M bits/second systems in the future.

    Powerline Carrier System Reliability
    In Industrial as Well as Residential Applications

    Powerline Carrier systems have been limited in their applications because of the large amounts of electrical noise and transients found on the powerlines, particularly in commercial and industrial applications, where a 3-phase distribution system is used. CEPCO Powerline Carrier offers unique solutions to these problems using Zero Crossing Digital Pulse Modulation and Consecutive Pulse count Coding technologies, that are covered by United States, British, and Canadian Patents, with other patents pending.

    AsokaUSA Product Manuals
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    EA2104 - Asoka Cable/DSL Router Manual
    PL9710-USB - Asoka USB Adapter Manual
    PL9610-ETH - Asoka Ethernet Bridge Manual
    PL9710 - Asoka PlugLink USB Adapter Quick Start Guide
    PL9610 - Asoka PlugLink Ethernet Bridge Quick Start Guide
    Asoka PlugLink Troubleshooting Guide

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