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17th May 2021
Powerline Networking


Powerline Communications : Broadband Powerline Networking
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Powerline Networking

Powerline Communications

What is Powerline Networking?

Powerline Communication and Broadband Powerline BPL is a global community technology. The PLC signal uses the common electrical grid. Power lines can now carry the Internet digital signal to your home. Homes can now use the wiring, or power lines, in the walls to transmit the network and Internet signals throughout the homes numerous wall power line sockets. Simply plug-in and you are connected. New Internet radios and televisions are entering the world market. New personal computers(PCs) are including the powerline chipset for automatic network communications. One of the larger Powerline Alliances is HomePlug.

HomePlug Powerline Review:
December 7, 2000

Thanks you for your expressed interest in the HomePlug Powerline Alliance.

In early 2001, HomePlug will be conducting extensive field testing of its baseline technology. Upon the completion of the field trials, HomePlug will finalize its initial technology specification and establish a certification lab to guarantee product compliance.

HomePlug will publish an Ethernet-class home powerline networking 1.0 specification that will allow for an ubiquitous, high-speed, cost-effective home networking solution with HomePlug compliant products available to consumers soon after.

For additional information, I recommend reviewing the HomePlug FAQ and PowerPoint presentation provided on the web site.


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Are there products on the market now?

Absolutely. View many products here
and product manufacturers here to see how simple it is to network using Powerline Communications.
More Information can be found at:

Find out more about Powerline Communications.

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Latest Homeplug News :

What about the Utilities?

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance invited representatives from Utility companies, ISPs, Network Operators, HomePlug members, and other interested parties to a series of meetings held concurrently with the UPLC's Annual Conference September 12-15, 2004 in Washington D.C. The purpose of these initial meetings is to gather information regarding market requirements for Access-BPL technologies as they relate to HomePlug's recently announced effort to create a Market Requirements Document. See the July 19, 2004 press announcement for details.

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