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25th October 2021
Powerline Networking

Broadband Powerline   

Powerline Communications : Broadband Powerline
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Powerline Company Profile

Powerline Communications

Sharp Labs :: website

Our Mission

At Sharp Labs of America, our mission is to incorporate technologies developed for North American markets into new and existing Sharp products.

We work to make slow things fast. Thick things thin. Complex things simple. And we pool the best talents from the East and West to create these new and advanced technologies.


General Inquiries:
Sharp Labs of America
5750 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607
Phone: (360) 817-8400

Career Opportunities:

Patents for Non-Sharp Products

Strategic Partnerships

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    Plugtek.com has become the largest information site for Broadband Powerline Communication Networking information. Started immediately after the formation of the HomePlug Alliance, Plugtek.com has worked to become the Hub for all news, articles, press releases, products and advancements in the BPL industry.

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