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27th March 2023
Homeplug Powerline NetworkingCertified HomePlug Products List
Homeplug Powerline Alliance
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Chipset for Modems, Hubs, PC

"The - Homeplug - Alliance's mission is to enable and promote rapid availability, adoption and implementation of cost effective, interoperable and standards-based home powerline networks and products." HomePlug.org

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    So just what is Broadband Powerline Networking?

    Powerline Communication and Broadband Powerline BPL is a global community technology. The PLC signal uses the common electrical grid. Power lines can now carry the Internet digital signal to your home plug. Homes can now use the wiring in the walls to transmit the network and Internet signals throughout the homes numerous wall plugin sockets. Simply plug-in and you are connected. New Internet radios and televisions are entering the world market. New personal computers(PCs) are including the powerline chipset for automatic network communications. Homeplug Alliance is a main promoter of Broadband Power line.

    Sponsors of Homeplug Alliance.
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  • Arkados : Homeplug Sponsor
  • Cogency : Homeplug Sponsor
  • Comcast : Homeplug Sponsor
  • Conexant : Homeplug Sponsor
  • DS2 : Homeplug Sponsor
  • Earthlink : Homeplug Sponsor
  • Intellon : Homeplug Sponsor
  • Radio Shack : Homeplug Sponsor
  • Sharp : Homeplug Sponsor

    Company Retail Products
    Amigo Technology Inc. AHE-221W Amigo HP Twin Port Ethernet Adapter
    Asoka USA Corporation PlugLink™ Ethernet to Powerline adapter with DC output (PL9645-ETP)
    PlugLink™ Ethernet Bridge (PL9610-ETH)
    PlugLink™ USB Bridge (PL9710-USB)
    PlugLink™ USB to Powerline Adapter (PL9720-USB)
    PlugLink™ Ethernet Wall Mount (PL9620-ETH)
    PlugLink™ Powerline to Ethernet Adapter (PL9640)
    Powerline Router (PL9920-BBR)
    802.11b to Powerline Access Point adapter (PL9520-WAP)
    Belkin Corporation Powerline USB Adapter (F5D4050)
    Powerline Ethernet Adapter (F5D4070)
    Corinex Global Corporation PowerNet Ethernet Adapter
    Intelligent PowerNet Ethernet Adapter
    Intelligent PowerNet USB Adapter
    CXP-WME Wall Mount Ethernet Adapter
    CXP-RTR Powerline Router
    deneg easyhome GmbH easyhome Net T Ethernet PL Desktop adapter
    easyhome NET USB to Powerline Wall Mount adapter
    easyhome net ETH Powerline-Adapter
    easyhome net WLAN Powerline-Adapter
    devolo AG MicroLink dLAN Audio (MT 02034)
    MicroLink dLAN USB (MT 2202)
    MicroLink dLAN Ethernet (MT 2026)
    MicroLink dLAN Wireless (MT 1130)
    GigaFast Ethernet PowerLine USB Adapter (PE901-UI)
    PowerLine USB Adapter (PE909-UI)
    PowerLine Ethernet Bridge (PE902-EB version 2)
    IOGEAR PowerLine to USB Adapter (GHPU01)
    PowerLine to Ethernet Bridge (GHPB01)
    Linksys Group Inc. Instant PowerLine™ Etherfast 10/100 Bridge (PLEBR10 version 2)
    Instant PowerLine™ USB Adapter (PLUSB10 version 2)
    Instant PowerLine™ EtherFast 10/100 Bridge (PLEBR10)
    Instant PowerLine™ USB Adapter (PLUSB10)
    Instant Powerline™ Router (PLERT10)
    Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. MS6812 USB to Powerline Adapter
    MS-6821 Ethernet to Powerline Adapter
    NETGEAR, Inc. Powerline Ethernet Adapter (XE602)
    Powerline USB Adapter (XA601)
    Ethernet to Powerline Adapter (XE102)
    Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. Powerline to Ethernet Bridge (SPB-1000E)
    Anylink SEM Ethernet to Powerline Adapter
    SEM USB to Powerline Adapter
    Siemens SpeedStream Powerline router (SS2510)
    SpeedStream Powerline + Wireless router (SS2524)
    SpeedStream USB to Powerline adapter (SS2501)
    SpeedStream Ethernet to Powerline adapter (SS2502)
    SpeedStream 802.11b Access Point to Powerline Adapter
    ST&T Powerline Audio Receiver (SST1937)
    Powerline Audio Transmitter (SST1938)
    PowerLine Ethernet Bridge (M51)
    Powerline to USB wall adapter (U22)
    Powerline Network USB adapter (U23)
    Powerline Network Ethernet Bridge (M53)
    Powerline Network Ethernet Bridge (M58)
    PowerLine USB Bridge (U21)
    Powerline Speaker (SST1462)
    Telkonet Communications PlugFast Ethernet Modem (TA-1000 )

    Company Reference Designs
    Cogency Semiconductor Inc. Ethernet-HomePlug wall adapter (RF1100-EWA)
    USB-HomePlug wall adapter (RF1100-UWA)
    CS1100 HomePlug-Ethernet/USB/PCI/MII evaluation platform (EV1100)
    Conexant Systems, Inc. CX11656 HomePlug router gateway reference design
    Intellon Corporation Powerline to USB reference design (RD51X1-USB)
    Powerline to Ethernet reference design (RD51X1-ETH)
    802.11b Access Point to Powerline reference design (RD51X1-AP)
    Ethernet Router to Powerline reference design (RD51X1-RTR)
    Powerline to Ethernet reference design (RD5130-ETH)
    Powerline to USB reference design (RD5130-USB)
    Powerline to PCI evaluation kit (EK5130-PCI)
    Chart from HomePlug.org.

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  • Homeplug AV
  • Homeplug BPL
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    Who is HomePlug?
    HomePlug states they are "an industry Alliance comprised of industry leaders at each level of the value chain - from Technology to Services & Content. The Homeplug Alliance members bring necessary capabilities and a financial commitment to the successful launch of the technology."

  • Service and Content :: New services, content to pull demand for network devices, requirements for network to support services, usage models, provisioning, customer care. Powerline Networking
  • Retail :: Channels for sales & support of networked devices, installation and support services, consumer education. Power Line.
  • Hardware :: Connected devices to enable new classes of services via the internet or other networks – PC, CE, Networking. Broadband Powerline.
  • Software :: Software services and applications to simplify setup and use of the network. Power line Communication.
  • Silicon :: Cost effective silicon with a variety of feature sets to support a broad variety of products. Broadband over powerline.
  • Technology :: Enabling technology that meets requirements for performance, cost, and is scalable to future generations. Powerline broadband.

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    What type of products are in the market?

  • Powerline Ethernet Modules
  • Powerline to Wireless
  • Powerline Homeplug USB

    The uses are unlimited. With the marriage of Powerline and Wireless, the final solution to networking has been achieved. Wireless limitations has now been overcome by the power grid. By using the electrical wires, the digital data signal can be passed throughout a building. Small modules plugged into the electricity outlet then beams the wireless signal throughout the location.

    What about the Utilities?

    The Utility companies are now seeing the potential of entering into the telecommunications market by supplying Internet via the power lines which are already in place. This proves to have enormous potential for many countries in the world who have no solid Internet system. Now these countries will be able to use their electricity grid to make the Internet accessable.

    So Just Who Is Plugtek.com?

    Plugtek.com has become the largest information site for Broadband Powerline Communication Networking information. Started immediately after the formation of the HomePlug Alliance, Plugtek.com has worked to become the Hub for all news, articles, press releases, products and advancements in the BPL industry.

    Domains Related to Power Line Communication:

    Current names held by Plugtek.com:
    acplug.com broadband-over-powerline.com broadband-over-powerlines.com broadband-powerline.com broadbandoverpowerline.com broadbandoverpowerlines.com broadbandpowerline.us broadbandpowerlines.com epowerline.com hplug.com net1005.com onlinepowerline.com plugtek.com powerline-communication.com powerline-network.com powerlinebroadband.net powerlinecommunication.us powerlinecommunication.net powerlinemodem.com powerlinenetwork.biz powerlinenetworking.us powerlineonline.com powerlinestore.com powerlinetv.com Contact for availability.

    If you're interested in the inner workings of the Powerline Industry, we welcome you to The Research Center.

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