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27th March 2023
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power line broadband communication
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Is Broadband Powerline Networking Available?

There are many advancements in digital powerline technology. Broadband is now efficiently being used by using the power lines. Networking can now be successfully implemented using the wires in your walls.

Are there products on the market now?

Absolutely. See many products here and see how simply it is to network using Powerline Communications.
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power line broadband communication

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December 2004 :: ConEd Pulls The Plug On Broadband
New York's giant Consolidated Edison power company is exiting the broadband industry, selling off its Con Edison Communications (CEC) subsidiary to FiberNet for $37 million in cash. ConEd is one of the last major, and believed to be the biggest, power utility still left in the telecom game selling managed services to large corporate users. The theory behind the sale is that a network services specialist such as FiberNet will be a more nimble and competitive player in the market.

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c10065) has announced the addition of The Market For Broadband Over Powerline to their offering. The 1st Edition The Market For Broadband Over Powerline report is a comprehensive 100-page study of the potential market for BPL technology. The report looks at the past, present, and future state of Broadband Over Powerline (BPL) in the U.S. and provides a forecast of the market for BPL through 2012.
http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_vie w&newsId=20041124005286&newsLang=en

Home Automated Living (HAL) publisher of award winning natural speech home control software products including HAL2000, HALdeluxe and HALpro, announces support for home control hardware operating on the newly developed, highly reliable Universal Powerline Bus (UPB).

Simply Automated, Incorporated expands its UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) product line once again with the introduction of the SimplyBrilliant family of UPB Dimming WallSwitches, providing ultra-reliable control of new and existing lighting fixtures, lamps, fans and other electrical devices in the home with no new wires.

Sojitz Corporation of America is proud to announce they have been appointed the Master Distributor for Corinex Communications' line of AnyWire Connectivity network devices for the US market.

Intellon Corporation, the world leader in powerline communications, has announced that it has joined BridgeCo, a leading provider of wired and wireless digital home entertainment networking solutions, to introduce the industry's first HomePlug®-enabled audio Digital Media Player (DMP). The design is based on Intellon's INT 5200 chipset, which enables whole-house audio sharing via existing powerlines, and BridgeCo's silicon and software platform, which provides home networking capabilities to consumer audio products.

CDKnet.com, Inc. (OTCBB:CDKN) announced that Oleg Logvinov, president and CEO of its subsidiary Arkados Inc., will address industry professionals at the annual Net@Home conference, held December in Nice, France.

Chandigarh, December 5: A New Zealand-based firm is all set to bring to the country a technology that will enable transfer of data through electricity lines. Powerline Communications Limited has already got international intellectual property rights for the technology. They have also applied for patenting the technology in the country.

Amperion, a start-up that makes equipment to deliver broadband service over powerlines, this week announced $10 million in new funding.

A broad deregulatory agenda is expected to continue at the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC" or "Commission") and in Congress as Republicans retain control of the White House and increase their representation in Congress. Republican control is expected to translate into support for further easing the media ownership rules, federal preemption of state and local telecommunications regulations, reform of the intercarrier compensation regime and elimination of unbundling obligations on incumbent local exchange carriers ("ILECs"). The chief exceptions to the deregulatory agenda likely will be in the areas of content regulation and indecency in the media.

Communication Technologies, Inc. (COMTek), a leading-edge telecommunications and information systems company that is the dominant U.S. firm in deployment of broadband over powerline (BPL) technology, today announced that the company has been recognized for the first time by Inc. magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--Nov. 16, 2004--Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNXT), a worldwide leader in semiconductor solutions for broadband communications, enterprise networks and the digital home, today announced changes to its senior management team, including the appointment of a new chief operating officer and new general managers for several of the company's business units.

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November 16, 2004
... broadband over power lines, or BPL, may soon offer a third wire into homes, channelling high-speed data through a somewhat improbable conduit: an ordinary electrical outlet.

November 15, 2004
One day soon, getting a broadband connection at home could be as easy as plugging a cord into an electrical outlet in the wall.

November 12, 2004
Broadband over Powerline (BPL) is an emerging technology that may shake up the competitive world of broadband Internet and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

November 12, 2004
Broadband over powerlines is allowing utilities to tap existing infrastructure cheaply, fill market gaps in underserved regions and benefit from plummeting equipment costs.

November 11, 2004
Peter Kempf, vice president of marketing, Wireless and Residential Gateway Access Products at Conexant Systems, spoke with DigiTimes about how the company is competing in the WLAN IC market through product differentiation and focused integration.

November 10, 2004
Insteon Combines RF and Powerline Communications for First Time to Create Seamless Home Control Network

October 26, 2004
Utilities tepid on powerline Internet move

October 25, 2004
Utilities take pass on offering broadband

October 25, 2004
Conexant Unveils Next-Generation Video Encoder with Support for Intel-Developed sDVO Interface

October 15, 2004
FCC okays powerline Internet access

October 13, 2004
HomePlug AV Specification Enters Final Stage; The First Global Specification for a 200-Mbps-class Powerline-Networking Technology is Now Ready for Final Industry Input

Oct. 4, 2004
NETGEAR Selects Intellon's HomePlug ICs to Extend Wireless Home Networking Range and Coverage Areas

Sept. 30, 2004
NETGEAR First to Extend Home Network Range Via Powerline, Wireless 802.11g Combination

Sept. 29, 2004
PowerLinx, Inc. Executes $3 Million Private Placement

Sept. 28, 2004
Bel's SIMPLE Module Instantly Adds HomePlug 1.0 Functionality to Existing Embedded Systems

Sept. 21, 2004
POWERLINX Signs Up LaunchPower to Market to Government Agencies

Sept. 21, 2004
AZTECH unveils HomePlug Powerline solution

Sept. 15, 2004
Telkonet Receives the 2004 Cornerstone Award for Technology Innovation

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Complete Article Archives
for 2005 Updates

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What type of products are in the market?

  • Powerline Ethernet Modules
  • Powerline to Wireless
  • Powerline Homeplug USB

    What BPL products are coming?

  • Powerline Network Radios
  • Powerline Appliances
  • Personal Computers

    What kind of networking devices?

  • All Audio and Video Streaming
  • In House Networking Systems
  • Health Industry

    The uses are unlimited. With the marriage of Powerline and Wireless, the final solution to networking has been achieved. The power line outdoors and the wires used for electricity inside your home or business, are now network capable.

    What about the Utilities?

    The Utility companies are now seeing the potential of entering into the telecommunications market by supplying Internet via the power lines which are already in place. This proves to have enormous potential for many countries in the world who have no solid Internet system. Now these countries will be able to use their electricity grid to make the Internet accessable.

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