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27th March 2023

What is Broadband over Powerline

Broadband over powerlines is huge for both communications and electric customers, because it supports commercial applications, such as broadband Internet access, and improves the quality, efficiency and reliability of electric services. Broadband over Powerline consumers will have the new option of Internet access using the common power lines.

Broadband of Powerline will allow any of the Internet capabilities. Furthermore, with more Broadband Networking devices coming to the market, you will be able to listen to Powerline Internet radio by simply plugging into the wall. Surf the web. Broadband over Powerline also enhances utility services, such as automatic meter reading, load management and outage detection, high speed audio and video products. With the improved electric services, the Utility Companies will be able to monitor consumption as well as remote meter reading.

OK. Doesn't wireless broadband do this? Not as efficiently without combining with Broadband over Powerline. This is how it works. The Powerline Internet travels through electrical wires. These may be outside, or the wiring within your home or business.

This flexibility allows the powerline communication signal to travel where wireless cannot. For instance, hook your Powerline modem to any Broadband Internet signal. Plug the modem to the wall. Now anywhere in your home has Powerline Broadband located at any wall socket. Go to that far corner of the building. Plug the Broadband over Powerline module into the wall. Hook it to your computer, or, if it is a powerline wireless module, just pick up the signal and start surfing.

"On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, the FCC unanimously adopted a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) regarding carrier current systems, including broadband over power line systems. Although the NOI has not been released yet, the remarks of the Commissioners, who were "excited" about this "historic breakthrough", are encouraging signs that the NOI will promote broadband powerline. The Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) presented the item during the open commission meeting and explained that the NOI will look at both access and in-home broadband powerline in order (1) to gather information about broadband powerline capabilities and deployment; (2) to address the potential interference effects, if any on authorized spectrum users and (3) to explore the appropriate measurement procedure for testing emission characteristics for all types of carrier current systems."

The United PowerLine Council (UPLC) agrees with the that the NOI will mark an historic moment, unveiling broadband over powerline as the elusive third wire to the home or business that Congress, the FCC and the states have sought since the Telecommunications Act of 1996. As previous Chairman Powell has said, "Broadband deployment is the central communications policy objective in America today," and transforming every electric plug into a broadband port is "huge".

Broadband over power line is one of the most exciting advancements in the networking solutions package. No longer are rural areas to be 'left out' of the Broadband revolution. Third world countries who have missed market opportunities can now be serviced with high speed Internet by using the electric grids that are already in place.

The future of Broadband over Power line is being tweaked by the various global governments and local policies. One large hurdle in the United States was the concern from the Ham Radio Operators that the unshielded powerlines would allow RF Radio Frequency interference with their radios. This issue has been dealt with and advancements from manufacturers have answered the main concerns as of early 2006.

Keep your eye on the wall socket. Broadband over Powerline is coming soon to many Utilities. The power line can now be a part of the Broadband Internet Media services.

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What is Broadband over Powerline?